Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fulton Nautilus Submarine

Submarine Nautilus was first tested in 1800, therefore it is often regarded as the Nautilus submarine in the world's first test. The basics of its development following the experiments made by Cornelius Drebbel.
Nautilus was first designed in 1793 and 1797 by an American inventor named Robert Fulton. Which he later lived in France. Proposal submission manufacture the Nautilus project was rejected several times but finally granted after a long struggle by the Minister of Marine.
At the time of Napoleon to see the Nautilus, he showed interest to look at directly. But when the test turns out to damage suffered by the Nautilus is severe enough, and eventually Napoleon decided that Fulton was a fraud. He thought that the French navy has no interest in weapons that could endanger the lives of his crew.
Seeing the French do not have a fascination with these findings, the British finally took over the Fulton study with pay of 800 pounds. Fulton then ordered to make Nautilus a second for the UK maritime forces. After his studies, eventually managed to help win the war Nautilus Trafalgar and prove that the study Robert Fulton was not dangerous. After that Fulton dumped and finally chose to go to America in 1806 by leaving a letter on such findings, which eventually was published in 1920.
 Cornelius drebbel 

Robert Fulton

letter fulton

Description of Fulton Nautilus Submarine

Name: Nautilus
Creator: Robert Fulton
The first trial year: 1810
Experimental design: 1793 - 1797
Place of manufacture of the first: Perrier boatyard, Rouen, France
Length: 21 ft, 3 inches (6.47 m)
Diameter: 6 ft, 4 inches (1.93 m)
Propulsion: Using a screw propeller or when it appears on the surface of the screen





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