Monday, January 24, 2011

11 incredible robot sculptures made from trash

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of landfill waste is to recycle used products become works of art. There are many who do a bit for the environment by converting used materials into products that have artistic or functional value. Below are 11 statues robots that are recycled:

Giant styrobot

The Giant Styrobot by Michael Salter stood very high until it reaches a height of 21 feet and made from recycled Styrofoam. The design has changed the function of protective packaging materials from packaged content to bone colossal robot that can destroy anything beneath his feet.

DIY Wall-E Robot Toy

Designed by Filth Wizardy, this character funny movie made out of kitchen waste including empty yogurt cups, cereal boxes, wrapping paper tubes, tape dispenser empty, buckets and plastic drink holders. Wall-E version will not help you in household chores but will certainly keep your kids entertained in a way that green.

 Optimus Prime Replica

It's as high as 14 foot replica of Optimus Prime has. Replication Optimus has a chest made of old house windows, old TV antenna on the roof of the house and a few serrations and old tires that may be lying in the garage.

Autobot Optimus Prime

Autobot leader Optimus Prime has been immortalized in a sculpture of metal trash. Replica of Optimus Prime has reached 7 feet tall and weighs 550 pounds. The cost of making a surprise, which is about $ 6,900.

Recycled Typewriter Robot


This robot is the creation by Jeremy Mayer and created using a typewriter parts are recycled. The most surprising is that the robot is made without using glue, soldering, welding or other commonly used tools for assembly. 


The WEEE Man has been created by the British Royal Society of Arts from unwanted electrical equipment. The robot structure weighs exactly 3.3 tons and stands at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Bumble Bee Replica

Bumble Bee Replica has been created from motorcycle parts recycling

Speaker Bot


The Bot speaker is 18.5 inches tall robotic replica has been created in electronic scrap. Supported by the adapter, wall socket, battery or USB, speakers bot works fine with all kinds of MP3 players and costs $ 550.

Transformer Robot in Recycled Steel

Transformers robot made from recycled steel is something that literally comes out of this world for us, but none that can not be made for young people in RoboSteel. Created with about 5,000 unique parts from recycled steel, which range from car parts to the television section, a robot sculpture that was welded together and polished by experts in order to stand firm. This statue has a height of up to 2.5 meters

Giant Transformer Robot

Transmormer this giant robot made from discarded junk cars and scrap metal. This giant statue stands outside the town of Yuzhny, about 40 km (25 miles) south of the Black Sea port of Odessa, Russia. 


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